A quick update.

So, hi! It has been a while since that last update/mental breakdown. I’ve done a lot of reflection, and have had a bit of discussion on the content of the

Short Hiatus, Long Explanation

Hi. It’s your old pal/YouTuber-you’ve-never-heard-of/dude-who-was-almost-Twitter-famous-once-upon-a-time FamiComplex. It’s 2021. We’re all pretty much still stuck at home. So yeah, everything still sucks. But this isn’t a political rant, nor is it

April Fool’s?

I know I usually have an April Fool’s video, but this year I’m above all that. Translation: I’m still learning this new editing software and the next episode of Channel

Another month to wait?

Another month missing a Channel 3 episode, I know. I have a stack of excuses, of course, but the bottom line is that I’ve replaced my finicky camera with something

The website! Finally!

Sorry, everyone – I let the website fall to the wayside over the last few months – it has been an unpopulated, ugly mess. This is a bit better, but

The Next Phase

Dearest friends and followers, welcome back. 2021 marks the ten year anniversary of the original series, FamiComplex TV, which premiered on the now-defunct blip.tv. I want to take a moment